Our Shared Life of Authentic Worship

In the mystery and beauty of God, there is something cosmically magnetic.

We are drawn. Beckoned. Bid to approach.

And when we do approach, we are never the same.

That is why at JCBC our strategy is to nurture worshipful opportunities for the community of faith to encounter and engage the transforming Mystery of God’s love, in diverse and meaningful ways.

To that end, worship at JCBC is designed to glorify God. Our congregational worship can be described in numerous ways. It is exuberant, imaginative, multi-sensory, intelligent, inter-generational, empowering, missional, to name a few.

We offer two unique worship opportunities at 11:00 a.m.


Corporate Worship:

Our choir & orchestra-led worship service takes place in our main sanctuary.



Our elementary-age children gather for this creatively-interactive, experiential worship program in Room B130.

In each of these worship settings, music is energetic and uplifting. Worshippers lift hearts and heads to God through praise, prayer, singing, creative reflection and study. The Pastor’s sermons are scripture-driven, culturally relevant, and integrate the use of multi-media technologies.